Location can help Marketers

Drive off line visits and sales.
Inrease brand awareness.
Generate consumer insights.

Only pay for actual store visits with Cost Per Visit. 了解更多信息

We are media transparent.

We’re committed to providing our partners with transparent, precise, and compliant solutions. When you work with GroundTruth, we strive to ensure that your ads are safely reaching real people, in the real world.

How we can work together.

GroundTruth’s goal is to make it easy for you to access our technology. We offer several ways for you to work with us, whether that’s directly with our managed service team, programmatically, through our self-service platform, or on a cost per visit basis.

Managed Services

Work directly with our team of location experts to accelerate your business objectives.

Self Service

Access GroundTruth's Ads Manager to buy, manage and optimize your location-based campaigns.


Leverage our location targeting and audiences, directly integrated into the buying platform of your choice.

Pay for
actual store visits.

Remove the risk or guesswork of traditional media buying,  pay only when in-store visits occur.