The goal:

提高 Outback 午餐和晚餐的知名度和就餐意向,推动老顾客和竞品顾客进入 Outback 餐厅就餐 。

Our location solutions.

Outback 通过对竞品顾客的洞察与定制广告素材结合起来,利用品牌展示广告面向本地移动消费者进行传播 。

Proximity Targeting applied within 10 miles of Outback Steakhouse locations.

Competitive Audience Targeting focused on a 5-mile area around competitor locations including steak restaurants and other large national restaurant chains.




Case Study / Outback

Overall campaign exceeded the industry benchmark Click Through Rate (CTR) by nearly 80%

然而,对竞争策略的点击后活动高出行业平均 CTR 达 78%

Secondary conversion actions (e.g. store locator) were 11% higher among competitive targets than Outback locations

1 %

increased success rate