The goal:

McDonald’s were seeking to use the power of location data to remain a leader in the German fast food market.

Our location solutions.

Using Blueprints, GroundTruth built three audiences for OMD Germany that included families engaged in leisure time, people who were in close proximity to a McDonald’s restaurant, and consumers who had visited a competitor and were likely to be receptive to fast food messaging.

All three audiences were presented with tailored McDonald’s messages relating to where they were in the moments that matter most.

GroundTruth’s proprietary BlueprintsTM technology draws polygons around specified points of interest, so McDonald’s could tightly target its primary audiences while OMD Germany effectively measured the impact of the campaign.


Case Study / McDonald's

Tracking visits from location-targeted creative reveals a high return on investment.

30% of people who saw a McDonald’s message and went on to visit the restaurant, did so within 1 hour of exposure.

23% of consumers targeted with the Happy Meal promotion were identified in a McDonald’s restaurant within 6 hours of ad exposure.

1 M

people visited the restaurant