The goal:

Since its inception, the Federation for Internet Alerts (“FIA”) has brought more than 500 million dynamic AMBER Alert impressions to over 100 million devices during 686 abductions. GroundTruth is a proud partner of FIA, leveraging our patented location targeting technology to connect people with relevant emergency communications in areas of interest to help expedite the recovery of abducted children.

Our location solutions

When a child is abducted, every second and every eyeball counts. That is why geographically focused mobile alerts have become an essential element of this program’s success. GroundTruth’s unparalleled location accuracy and targeting technologies are now leveraged to serve AMBER Alerts in target areas determined by law enforcement, immediately surrounding abduction sites and “last seen” locales.


Case Study / FIA AMBER Alert

This powerful joint effort has reached nearly 650,000 unique mobile users in local communities needing assistance.

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