The goal:

利用移动技术的独特功能和在接触目标消费者方面的“适时性”,推动 Dunkin’ Donuts 各家店铺客流量的提升。


Case Study / Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts experienced click-through rates that where 6 x’s industry rates – with a strong secondary action rate of 35% (actions that happen post the initial ad click). Secondary actions driven included the campaign goal of access to Maps & Driving directions (72%), as well as Click-to-Call (27%), and access to “More Information” – which included hours of operation, etc.

除了出色的效果,这项测试活动也对手机偏好和 Dunkin’ Donuts 客户的行为提供了宝贵的深入分析 – 这些信息将继续决定他们不断发展的手机战略的方向以及与 GroundTruth 的持续合作伙伴关系。

1 %

Total Calls

1 %

Map & Driving Directions