The goal:

提高 Denny’s“定制您自己的菜单”广告活动的知名度,同时增加 Denny’s 全球餐厅的客流量。

Our location solutions.

三管齐下的解决方案包括 GroundTruth 邻近性、竞争力和受众定向,旨在全天覆盖忠诚和潜在的食客。

通过 GroundTruth 商店客流量提升率测量和消费者调查来了解该广告活动对 Denny’s 餐厅客流量的直接影响。


Case Study / Denny’s

Denny’s gained additional 25k in-store visits post ad exposure compared to baseline.

Nearly 12% of all consumers exposed to Denny’s ad during the campaign visited a store within 14 days of ad exposure.

Survey respondents who were exposed to Denny’s ads were 138% more likely to visit a Denny’s more than once during the campaign, compared to the baseline.

1 %

increase in likelihood to visit Denny's