Dan Hight — SVP Channel Partnerships

Based in our NYC headquarters, Dan is spearheading GroundTruth’s (formerly xAd) platform partnership strategy by working with programmatic and traditional media companies in efforts to amplify their reach in mobile location.  His team provides scalable solutions that deliver the most precise location and audience based mobile campaigns through a variety of service offerings including RTB, managed service and soon to be self-service. After nine years in the local directory space, his expertise is an invaluable resource in our continued development of local partnerships.

Dan 在本地广告行业拥有多年从业经历,期间他在 SuperMedia 工作了九年,并成长为该公司的全国销售总监,为互动市场营销销售队伍提供与锁定认证市场营销代表和机构目标有关的指导。当他使 SuperMedia 的业务收入从不足 2000 万美元大幅增长至超过 4000 万美元之后,他被名正言顺地任命为战略市场营销总监。此外,Dan 还拥有电信背景,而这得益于他曾在 Nortel Networks 效力;在该公司工作期间,他领导了一支专业服务团队,负责构建无线网络,即 Cricket Communications。